Abjachandi for National Welfare

His Holiness Gurumuali has started unique initiative for Protection and welfare of Nation through the resolution of one billion recitations of Durga Saptshati. The whole idea behind this is to protect our Nation from evil forces, enemies and other malicious intents which disturbs our cultural, human values and lives of common people. Under Guidance of His Holiness Gurumuali, Sevamarg is relentless working to achieve this resolution of one billion recitations at various Shakipeeths (Devi Abodes) throughout country.

  Millions of Sevekari gather and participate in this initiative for sake of Nation's protection and welfare.
Sevamarg is on the verge of completion of this resolution. An effect of this activity has already been reflected on various occasions, results and conditions are miraculously turn in favor our country when turmoil and war like situation at our borders.

Overall Purpose of this initiative for Nation is –

  • To decimate powerful(fierce) enemies of Nation
  • To dispel Pain, misery and penury in country
  • To enhance wealth, prosperity and grandeur of Nation
  • To view all women folk in the form of a mother
  • To dispel all types of diseases from country