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6th to 9th June 2013, Yagya Yag & Counseling Session, Jammu

                Seva Marg is pleased to announce that “National Spiritual Counseling and Satsang Shivir” has planned in Jammu in presence of Hon. Nitin Bhau on 10th Sept. 2013. All the Jammu citizens are hereby invited for this programme. Readers can also pass this information to their friends and relatives from Jammu to take advantage of this program and helping them progressing towards ultimate happiness of life. In order to prepare for this program and to have social orientation, Yagya Yag conducted at ancient Mahalaxmi temple at Pakka Danga area in Jammu city. Ganeshyag, Chandiyag, Rudrayag & Swamiyag have been performed in this order from 6th to 9th June in morning sessions and counseling sessions (Prashnottar) arranged daily in afternoon sessions. Several Newspapers published from Jammu analyzed this program, reported Yagya Yag news and appealed to citizens to get benefitted. Lots of heart touching incidents took place during these Yagya Yag and few of them listed below:

                As per regular custom, Pujari closes the inside door of this ancient Mahalxmi temple at 11 in morning. When Chandiyag chant was in full song on 7th June, and acclamation (Jayjaykar) took place at end of it, ladies devotee heard the “Ghanta Naad” in same theme whereas no one was inside and door was closed.

                On 7th June morning, Gurav Sharma, a 7 year child came along with his mother & sister and devoutly joined Chandi Yag. It was their first visit participating such program organized by Seva Marg. Per regular norm, all the devotees & Sharma family tied Yagyakankan at wrist during Chandi Yag. Once yag got over, Sharma family left for home but on the way, Gurav got lost. When Sevekaris were busy in guidance & counseling. Devotee in the afternoon session, Gurav’s mother & sister arrived with tense face. They narrated whole incident to counselor Sevekari. Sharma family has been told that “Nothing will happen to Gurav, he will come back safe. He has participated in Chandi Yag in the morning and also has a Yagyakankan now. “You keep faith and patience”. But such was anxiety of mother that she asked same question approaching desk of each counselor Sevekari but got the same reply. Some hours have been passed and seeing nervousness, couple of Sevekari started “Kalbhairav Ashtak” along with Sharma family. And when its second recurrence was going on, Gurav arrived and spotted at door. Mother’s joy knew no bounds and she said- “Perhaps,it was destiny but to get back Gurav was indeed Swami’s blessings. Entire Sharma family participated in Rudra Yag & Swami Yag arranged in subsequent days and such is impact today that whole family is taking part in Swami seva with utmost interest.