Cancer free India

Cancer Free India Movement

  Under guidance of His Holiness Gurumauli, Shree Gurupeeth spreading awareness against excessive use pesticides on crops, vegetables, food items and its ill-effects on human health. In recent few years, there is drastic increase in number of cancer patients across India. Even newly born babies also found victims of the cancer. The primary reason for the cancer is excessive use of chemicals in farming and pesticides on vegetables and grains which are consumed by people in daily lives. Its already looming as biggest threat to humanity as its spreading with fast pace in societies.

  Shree Gurupeeth has started the Cancer Free India Movement to fight against this monster by spreading awareness and embracing organic farming, using our ancient methods of agriculture and use of some medicinal herbs gifted by nature. Shree Gurupeeth has done significant studies on various medicinal herbs like ‘Saptrangi’ to overcome cancer which has content that kills cancerous cell in the human body. Shree Gurupeeth’s pharmaceuticals division has produced Sapatrangi Kadha (syrup). With usage of this Saptrangi Kadha, thousands of cancer patients were benefitted from cancer.

  Shree Gurupeeth also promotes medicinal effects of Ranbhendi roots which is effective on all types of throat cancers, Vekhand (calamus) for all type of cancerous clots in body, coconut husk fiber powder for all sorts of abdominal cancers and other problems when taken with honey. Agriculture division of Sevamarg is cultivating thousands of these herbs and encouraging farmers to do the same to promote use of these to eradicate cancer. Sevamarg conducts various activities for embracing low budget, organic farming with using natural resources for agriculture to produce crops and vegetables for healthy, chemical free food and in turn cancer free and happy life.Through the Sevamarg activities for cancer free societies, millions of people are turn to organic food consumption and natural (Vedic) way of farming from as our ancient tradition advocate for Sattvik (pure) life.

  Shree Gurupeeth is relentlessly striving for cancer free, healthy India.