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Features :

  •   Inclusion of nectar words of His Holiness Gurumauli from Monthly Satsang at Gurupeeth and various other nationwide programs.
  •   Detailed deliberation on Indian ancient sciences like Vastushastra, Swarshastra, palmistry , Agriculture etc.
  •   Spiritual remedies on various problems through mantras, seva(service) and worship.
  •   Introduction of science of Indian Vedic Worship in very easy and simple language.
  •   An Article series contains a beautiful confluence of Magnitude of Indian pilgrimage, culture and importance of journey.
  •   Value Education Empowerment article series includes current affairs which are very useful for Children, Teachers and Parents.
  •   Ayurveda Article series is an invaluable gift given to the world to obtain illness free health by great sages through their own experiences.
  •   Wondrous experiences of devotees by worship of Shree Swami Samarth and obedience to His Holiness Gurumauli.
  •   Indian Culture section provide information about our festivals, celebrations and its methods in very simple language.
  •   Various sections like Jnana Ganga at your door step, Monthly Horoscope, Auyurvedic Medicines, New Book publications, current affairs and much more important information.
  •   Information of historical places from visits of Environment and Earth preservation department – And more Innovative details are part of this Shree Swami Samarth Magazine

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