Agriculture Science

With the blessing of H.H Gurumauli and under the guidance of H.H Abasaheb, Seva Marg organises  international agriculture expo (convention) every year for Farmers as well as those dependent on the agro-industry.

The motive of agriculture activities is empower the farmers who are victims of drought, water shortage, debts, Lack of expert guidance and pricing policy.

SevaMarg is dedicated for solving various problems faced by farmers in agriculture, to help in prevention of farmer suicides and boosting their morale.

The convention focuses on conservation of biodiversity through organic or natural farming, to help reduce the effects of global warming and climate change, to reduce production costs, promotion and dissemination of indigenous and traditional seeds, indigenous cattle rearing, domestic fertilisers, manufacturing of medicines etc.

Below are some other major activities are carried out –

  • Free practical workshops at the Organic Farm at Dindori 
  • Lectures and Trainings on organic farming
  • Traditional, Modern & Scientific methods of farming to emphasise that Farming is profitable if done scientifically
  • Rare Vedic wisdom & training on Spiritual Methods of farming increasing yield
  • How cows and bullocks enhance the quality of soil thus increasing the yield
  • Effective Tips on Agro Architecture
  • Providing organic seeds prepared using mantra therapies which maximises yield.