Value Education

To build healthy nation, Seva Marg has devised tools in the form of Balsanskar and Yuva Sanskar to inculcate cultural, behavioral and spiritual values in Children and youth.  Value Education helps to inculcate cultural, moral values and develop a noble character in students.

For the overall development, social ability and sensitive awareness of environmental, many programs are conducted by this department such as, kitchen gardening (‘parasbag’) , organic and natural farming, awareness of law, various arts, sports, skill development, recitation of the ‘stotras–mantras’ and the science behind it, awareness of researches done by our Rishi–Muni and planning of various activities etc. Parents meetings, winter and summer camps are also organized by this department.

Thousands of Seva Marg centers are running Balsanskar sessions every week across India and overseas.

At Gurupeeth, every month balasankar conference is held which are great platform of information for children to learn new tool and techniques for their growth.

Various workshop are conducted for children which includes Right Bbrain activation, Robotic technology training for holistic growth of children. 

Recently, thousands of children participated in world record activity of sevamarg for creating eco-friendly Ganesha idols, Stotra-mantra mass recitation and tree plantation.