Organic and natural farming

  Today, the overuse of chemical fertilizers and weedicides has led to a wide variety of illnesses which includes disease like cancer in the world. To overcome the dangerous side-effects of such faming Sevamarg has started educating and training farmers on low cost, natural and organic farming. Sevamarg is guiding, encouraging and helping to farmers to embrace organic farming which was integral part of our culture. Sevamarg conducts various activities like awareness programs, group agriculture, and use of native Indian cows for organic farming. Sevamarg has Native-seeds “Shakambhari Seed-Bank” available to the farmers at Shree Swami Samarth headquarter, Dindori
Hon. Abasaheb runs a platform in the form of Sattvik KrishiDhan for farmers for selling their naturally grown food thus encouraging chemical free foods for better national public health.

  As our scriptures say, “As the food, so the mind” – Eating sattvik food, a person’s thoughts become sattvik(pure), Sevamarg trains farmers on Sattvik (Vedic) Agriculture. The motive of agriculture activities is empower the farmers who are victims of drought, water shortage, debts, Lack of expert guidance and pricing policy.

  • Below are somFree practical workshops at the Organic Farm at Dindori.
  • Lectures and Trainings on organic farming.
  • Traditional, Modern and Scientific methods of farming to emphasize that farming is profitable if done scientifically.
  • Rare Vedic wisdom and training on Spiritual Methods of farming increasing yield.
  • How cows and bullocks enhance the quality of soil thus increasing the yield.
  • Effective Tips on Agro Architecturee major activities are carried out –

Thousands of farmers have embraced Natural farming and bringing change in society for healthy life by cultivating and harvesting organic crops and food.