Pradhan Kendra Dindori

 Dindori Pranit: The Solution You Have Been Seeking

This Seva Marg takes into consideration, the religious, ancestral, educational background of the troubled and unhappy solution seeker and suggests simple self-help activities as solution. This service or Seva is to be carried out by him/her with the help of family members. The daily Seva of reading three consecutive chapters of Shree Swami Charitra Saramrit, the biographical holy sketch of Swami Maharaj and the chanting of 11 rosaries of the divine mantra–Shree Swami Samarth–takes merely an hour.


This Seva, however, is mandatory, and all other Seva or rituals, no matter how highly ordained they are, are secondary to this. This is the essence of Guru Tattva and one must never lose sight of this in one’s own interest. If the need be, the seekers are advised a few rituals at holy places like Trimbakeshwar or Matru Gaya in Patan taluka of Gujarat for the spiritual upliftment of their paternal and maternal ancestors. Similarly, visit and worship at the original temple of the family goddess is also prescribed. There are 51 Shaktipeethams in India out of which Shree Tulja Bhavani (Tuljapur), Shree Mahalakshmi (Kolhapur), Shree Renuka (Mahur) and Shree Saptashringi (Wani) are in Maharashtra. Most of the problems are solved with simple worship at home or at the nearest Swami Seva Centre. This spiritual counseling is absolutely free of charge and is available at all Swami Seva Centres.


 This Seva Marg should not be mistaken as an astrological discipline but it has shown through experience of lakhs of devotees that Swami Seva actually beats destiny. The stronger the devotion, the brighter this experience. Being in this Seva Marg, one realizes how to face life and solve his or her problems. Depression, a destructive personal attitude, lack of interest in work or family, etc are removed with the help of Seva and blessings of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. Besides, His Holiness Gurumauli carries out regular socio-religious and cultural programmes for the betterment of the self, society and the nation through the 11-point Rural Development Programme.

  The sevekari must participate in this so that he/she can help the self and the nation. Once Bhagvan Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj is worshipped regularly at home, He takes care of protection, growth, development & salvation of the entire family. Lakhs of sevekaris of this Seva Marg are a living testimony to this fact.

What Do I Have To Do So That I Can Help Myself ?

  As said earlier, to begin with, you need to serially read Shree Swami Charitra Saramrit, the divine biography of Swami Maharaj daily.  The 21-chapter holy book can be completed by reading 3/7 chapters a day or even the entire 21 chapters a day. One must complete 108 complete readings in one year or even earlier which has proved tremendously beneficial in at least a few lakh cases. The mantra Shree Swami Samarth  should be chanted day and night as much as possible.

  This Seva Marg gives emphasis on respecting one’s parents, elders, worship of the family goddess or Kuldevta, family deity or Kuldaivat ( which is Khandoba in Maharashtra), oblutions to one’s ancestors (Pitru Karma)  that is regular prayers and offerings towards spiritual upliftment of their ancestors. The Swami Seva Centres are not mere temples but centres of individual and collective development of the nation. The mission to create a cultured, and morally strong and responsible citizen is the driving force behind this Seva Marg which runs value education camps at almost all centres. Parents along with their wards must attend these camps and also take part in them.

  After experiencing the benefits, the family should continue to be in the Seva Marg forever. This can be done by offering regular Seva at your nearest Swami Centre and then at Dindori Darbar or Shree Gurupeeth, Trimbakeshwar.Under the guidance of His Holiness Gurumauli, Shree Gurupeeth at Trimbakeshwar holds training camps for all age groups to solve your own problems and those of others be it family or financial worries. Here, values in social equality, brotherhood, healthy behavior towards one and all, principles of non-violence,  social togetherness, community living, religious tolerance, love & respect towards all beings, are taught along with the relationship between science and spirituality so that India can retain its rich and prosperous cultural heritage for the younger generation.

  When a troubled, unhappy human being carries out the worship of Swami Maharaj with utmost faith and single-minded devotion, the cause of unhappiness is removed. He feels happy, enthusiastic & regains his lost smile. Welcome to Dindori Pranit! Enrich &  Empower Yourself.