World Agriculture Festival


  • A Social Activity For Welfare of Mankind is Organized by Skilled & Professional Sevekari Farmers.
  • Free Entry For Both Festival & Conferences
  • Indian Agriculture Diversity Under one Roof
  • Agri Vastu Culture Demo Model
  • Participation Of Live Stock & Environmental Sectors Experts
  • Indian Ancient & Natural
  • Agricultural Awareness Culture Program
  • The Overall Development of Farm & Farmers
  • Native Seed Expo.
  • Bamboo Farming And Process

23 TO 27 January 2020 – Nashik

  • Bio-Gas/ Renewable Energy
  • Proccess Industry
  • Fruits, Vegetable
  • Poly- houses
  • Animal Husbandry & Dairy
  • Mechanizations silk industry
  • Cleaning Machine
  • Tractore/Equipments
  • Solar Energy
  • Agri Marketing
  • Shade Net house
  • Grain Threshing
  • Agriculture Business
  • Mechanization
  • Agri Book / C.D/ V.D
  • Agri – Architect Model
  • Agricultural Tourism
  • Soil-Water Testing Bamboo Farming And Process

12 Balutedar: Ideal Village – Attractions in the Agri Event

Karpalli – Netrapally

  • Nandibail and Vasudev
  • Concept of one village – one Ganapati
  • Indian – Festivals

Village Market

  • Ideal Farming Model
  • Ideal School
  • Fortication Promotions
  • Agricultural Museum
  • Vegetation

Global Agriculture Festival

January 2020 – Nashik

Dindori Pranit Shree Swami Samarth Seva Marg is organizing the Global Agriculture Festival for welfare of the Farmers. Till date billions of farmers are benefitted by the Global Agriculture Festival. This event has been proved as an excellent platform for agriculture experts,social organisations, new farmers and students.

  • Shree Swami Samarth Seva Marg carries out many spiritual and social programs through more than 5000 centres in Maharashtra along with other 16 states of India and 7 foreign
  • Shree Swami Samarth centres give importance to Agriculture section. Under this section itself Seva Marg has conducted thousands of Agriculture Summits within the This section helps in educating farmers about advanced farming, useful technologies, conventional farming, spiritual farming, organic farming, natural farming.
  • Thousands of farmer representatives are giving service throughout country under Agriculture
  • The Global Agriculture Festival brings farmers from different regions under one roof and provides agriculture
  • The basic motive of the Global Agriculture Festival is making agriculture sector and farmers self-dependent, farmers’ development and bringing positive side  of agriculture sector in front of common.

National Agriculture Exhibition

This exhibition included Indian and Foreign Companies demonstrating various uses of compost, tools, agricultural drugs, machinery, biotechnology, various agricultural sciences and modem agricultural science, for the good production of agriculture, information of modern technology, die rent varieties of renewable and non-renewable energy This exhibition is being organized for processing industries poly houses, Agro-tourism.

Diversified Culture Of India And Agriculture Heritage

Human life is highly in-uenced by various culture-festivals and Agricultural Heritage. This exhibition will provide in India guidance on Indian heritage of 12 Balutedar system, Agricultural Tourism, Scientific base of various festivals celebrated in our shown through live demonstrations, including Ayurveda and Spiritual on human life.

Livestock And Cattle Breeds Expo

Exhibition of cattle and other importance of Livestock along with guidance on medicines and treatments, cattle food,Hydroponic, guidance and practical knowledge on types of Grass will be provided.

Rare Herbs And Health Care

 Ayurvedic farming and market information through the use of rare herbal medicines, the use of dietary habits, vihar patyas and rare herbal medicines, their cancer, their use of cancers an diarrhea and environmental, natural, social and spiritual significance.

Bamboo Farming And Processing

Bamboo farming and its business is rapidly increasing worldwide. There are several types of bamboos and lots of businesses depend on it. It’s also easy to use lots of bamboo products in our day to day life as its eco friendly and good for nature. This year Global agriculture exhibition showcasing the bamboo farming, govt schemes, available market, expert analysis and the live demonstration on the industry.